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08 March 2011 @ 01:15 pm
Anybody still use this thing?

Helloooooooo out there!?
03 October 2010 @ 11:07 am
I'm so in love with spotify. It's changed my life, I hope I can still get it in Canada. Even though I was only here for 5 months last time, now that I only have 5 to go before I move back to Canada, it feels like nothing! Two years is a long time to spend somewhere, only to pick up and leave and never ever return. I feel like I've built myself a life here and I'm going to lose it all. Ack, what a horrible thought. I just try to avoid thinking about it.

I went to a wedding and we stayed in a...manor?! It was crazy, sooooo pimpin!

Our room was right in the middle at the top. Those white windows. It was really amazing.
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Oh by the way, I have a tumblr now. It's really handy when my attention span is too short to post in my lj. :)
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22 September 2010 @ 10:23 am
So I left my old job and started a new one. This has left me with noooooononononooooo money! :P It's not the best situation so I basically just sit at home with Ben playing guitar hero. Oh, and I've become properly OBSESSED with Jersey shore. Endless entertainment, honestly I want to marry Pauly D and be bestest friends with Snooki and J-Woww. There's a sentence I never thought I'd say.

Ben got this app for his iphone called "Hipstacam" that basically just filters all your photos to make them look the way the hipster kids do their pictures. He loves it SO much. There has been a lot of very unflattering photos of me recently.

Finally! A sort of picture of my new bedroom!
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I feel like this:
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30 August 2010 @ 11:16 am
I had such a nice day yesterday. Ben was supposed to work, because he works eeeevery day. Two jobs and all that. But he hadn't had a day off in three weeks, and I had the day off, so he pulled a sickie. :) He went out and bought bacon, sausages, eggs and toast for breakfast and I cooked it while he read the paper. And I learned how to fry an egg. It's pretty sad that I didn't already know how to do that.

We went to his so he could shower and I drank tea and ate toblerones with his mum. She's batty, but I adore her. Our plan for the day was to get on a train and get off at every stop and wander around. Stop and take a picture on each platform making funny faces under the sign. Buuut instead, we went to Brighton to meet his sister. She's dating this crazy weird asshole creepster, so naturally we went to his house. Luckily, he has pets....I was in heaven. He has a staffie named Donald and I was glowing with joy. GLOWING. I had this stupid goofy grin on my face and I just ignored everyone and got some major animal therapy. He also has snakes. I love them, they're slippery creepy slithery weird things, and they feel so cool winding around you. How can I be so afraid of spiders, but snakes are fine?

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Ben and I left to catch our train but we had some time, so we went to the weirdest. pub. ever. We were both so stoned and felt like we were lucid dreaming. He turned to me and said "There's a character from Grease at the other end of the bar". My jaw dropped and I shouted "Kenickie!!!" at a guy wearing a leather jacket, white t-shirt, slicked back hair and tight jeans. There was a tall, ageing Barbie with fake boobs and nails, a full on cowboy with boots, hat, belt, buckles, everything. And a dance floor filled with old men busting out James Brown foot wiggles. I told Ben we should go dance with them, he refused so I went on my own. I was on the dance floor less than 20 seconds before I cleared the whole thing. One man actually looked at me, went AH! and then rushed away to sit down. I am a dance floor bomb. It was fucking hysterical.

I wish I had gotten a better picture of Kenickie.

Also, on a different note...we went camping.

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12 August 2010 @ 12:38 pm
There is a really sexy man in my house right now installing my kitchen floor. I feel like I should get all bow-chicka-wow-wow and turn this into a scene from a low budget porno. Unfortunately I just got out of bed and I'm wearing stripey jammi pants and have a crust of dried drool on my cheek. The porn stars don't usually have that.

So no verdict on the "didhesayhelovedmeorscrambledeggs" debate. My co-workers seem to think I should just ask him, but on the very large chance that he DIDN'T say I love you, if I ask him that my rating on the hot/crazy scale is gonna go off the charts.

I can NOT drift into the Shelly Gillespe zone!!!!

So I went to a gay pride parade in the gayest city in England. It was awweeeeesome. I also dressed up as Wonder Woman because...well, why not. You know those crazy gays and their love of silly outfits! ;)

I was looking pretty haggard by that point, it was a looooong day.

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28 July 2010 @ 01:26 am
I'm siiiiiiiccck. I have a cold with full on plugged nose, sneezing, coughing and a hefty dose of self pity. It's always been one of my worst qualities that when I get sick I turn into the whiniest, most pitiful thing on the planet. There's lots of "nyuugggh"s and "uuggggh my noooose" and other mopey things. I'm well annoying. But my not-boyfriend-boyfriend put up with it and brought me medicine and cinnamin buns. What a guy. He's seriously so fit (or at least I think so) that I catch myself staring at him and have to remind myself not to be creepy. Yesterday we walked through a forest and found these weird hideouts leftover from wwII and drove up to the highest hill in the city to smoke a joint and watch the sunset. It was a stellllaaar sunset. All hot pinks and pale purples and dusty blues and day-glo orange.

So is Florence and The Machine popular on the other side of the world? She's huge over here and I'm pretty much madly in love. Her music is just...well....awesome. If she's not already on your radar I would highly reccomend checking her out.

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24 July 2010 @ 10:21 am
So I've moved into my new house and started the new job. I'll post some pictures of my adorable bedroom if it's ever tidy enough! I'm not sure how much I like my job, I just don't know if it's a good fit personality wise. I like the new house, and I very much like my not-boyfriend-boyfriend. I don't care if he's a bazillion years older than me, he's awesome and way handsome. He's probably pilled up and rocking out to The Prodigy right now, but I don't even care.

I do sometimes worry, though, that I might be more into him than he is to me. But he brings me kebabs and beer at 1am when I've had bad days and spends every night in my bed....?

So you know how facebook gives you (way inaccurate) suggestions of things they think you'll like? Who the fuck "likes" FACEBOOK!? Obviously we all like it.

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Things I Miss About Canada
International Delight French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
Root Beer
Tim Hortons
Not having to explain to people who Wayne Gretzky is
My Dog
Our funny colored money
Dill Pickle Chips (crisps)

Things I Don't Miss About Canada
Anything not on the above list. :)
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05 July 2010 @ 11:17 am
I GOT MY FLAT!! I have a job, a place to live, a not-boyfriend-boyfriend and I'm moving next week. I'm well excited!!!!! Everything is coming together. My house is like 5 minutes from the train station to I can get to London in 20 minutes. My roommates work for EA Games.....I know....AWESOME!

I'm supposed to be getting ready to go to the beach with Ben and filling out my tenancy agreement and instead I've spent the last two hours organizing my computer and uploading like 30 new userpics. TIME WASTER!!!!

Also, I GOT FLOOR TICKETS TO SEE SHAKIRA!!!! FLOOOOOOOORRRRRRR TICKETS!!!!! I'm going to touch her hand and then die, and come back to life and die again. I learned how to play Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies on the guitar. I'm very proud.

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I am Happy! Sincerely, genuinely happy. It's a great feeling
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15 May 2010 @ 02:18 am
Ahhh, i used to be so good about writing in my livejournal and I've gotten so shit at it. I just work too much.

My laptop is about to die and I have a new roommate and it's super awkward so I can't plug it in. Ugh. She's even Canadian but we're just miles apart....so different. It's my exchange student all over again! Only with 60 hour workweeks.

I finally got a decent "england" picture of myself!

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Ahhh, I'm so frustrated. I had all these plans for my days off, but I got everything all mixed up and now I'm sitting here doing absoloutely nothing!! Blah. I should be productive and go clean the bathroom, it's a fucking state.

OH MY GOD, I'M GOING TO SEE LOS CAMPESINOS!!! I am soooooo excited. I love them sosososo much and I never really thought I'd get the chance to see them. It's going to be an amazing show.

I had to use my flavour of love icon because I have somehow managed to get Matt and Tom flat out addicted to it. Everybody mocks my love of really trashy reality tv, until they watch it and see how amazingly funny it is. Matt is so hooked he drove to my work at 10 on a Saturday night to borrow my laptop. And now they both run around going "Yeeaaaaaaahh Boiiiiii" and "Word!" It's so awesome.

The three of us are like the little pothead musketeers. We spend all of our free time together, and just love each other so much. Matt's going to come to Canada, I can't wait. I keep telling him all the girls will go crazy for his accent but he doesn't believe me. He'll see. Anyways, the other night, we decided to go for a walk and smoke a joint and right as a we lit it, a police car pulls up. Honestly, there's like 200 people in this village, what the hell are the cops doing patrolling at 9 at night!? I was absoloutely terrified, I've never had to talk to the police before when I was actually doing something wrong. Plus, if they caught me with pot, they could deport me. I managed to talk my way out of it, but still......scccaaaaarrry.

There this awesome livejournal community called inspireplease and people always post the most beautiful pictures.  i especially like the animal ones.

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